Farnell signs agreement with passive component giant Yageo

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Farnell has signed a new global franchise agreement with Yageo, extending its existing relationship to give customers access to the full product range.

Yageo is one of the world’s largest passive component companies, a leading manufacturer of chip resistors and one of the top suppliers of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCCs).

This new agreement represents a further strengthening of Farnell’s extensive passive component range, with the complete portfolio of Yageo products now available for delivery worldwide.

Passive component solutions, available from Farnell, will support design and maintenance engineers working in the following key markets:

· Automotive and transportation – Yageo’s automotive-qualified MLCC and R Chip components are suitable for the automotive environment which requires highly reliable passive components that can operate under humid conditions and in small spaces without sacrificing power dissipation. Yageo’s range of solutions support established systems such as engine control and power steering, as well as relatively new systems, including car-to-car communications and self-parking. In addition to resistors and capacitors, Yageo ceramic patch/chip antennas and PCB antennas bring wireless connectivity to infotainment and telematic systems to enrich drivers' experiences and enhance safety when driving.

· Telecommunications – Yageo provides a comprehensive range, including resistors, capacitors, varistors and wireless components ands offers a wide resistance range in low TCR precision and tight tolerance. Their multilayer chip varistors are designed to protect increasingly sensitive semiconductors in portable devices from transient voltages, the alternative choice to diode suppressors. The range also include a portfolio of wireless component antennas and filters enabling unimpeded access to smart communication standards without sacrificing performance.

· Industrial and smart manufacturing – Yageo's lineup of products for industrial applications fulfills power requirements with greater efficiency, lower cost, and smaller footprints. The R Chip and MLCCs are technically advanced, robust and highly reliable with long term performance characteristics and stability making them ideal for intelligent factory automation and robotics design. All of Yageo's industrial product lines meet RoHS and REACH industry compliancy, and strict production and quality standards serve to create the building blocks for a long product lifetime before obsolescence.

· Power and energy – Yageo offers a range of passive components which can operate in harsh environments and high humidity, suitable for renewable and alternative energy installations, particularly in remote locations where maintenance is difficult and system downtime costly. The range includes High voltage (HV Series) capacitors ideal for power invertors in wind and solar systems, to MLCCs with soft terminations (CS Series) designed to prevent damage and cracks in the ceramic body under mechanical, thermal, and vibratory stresses.