Farnell now stocking R&S MXO4 series

1 min read

Farnell has announced that it is now stocking Rohde & Schwarz's (R&S) MXO 4 Series, the first in the next generation of oscilloscopes.

With a fast acquisition rate, high vertical resolution, and sensitive triggering, engineers will be able to capture more signal details and isolate events with greater precision. The instrument, according to R&S, provides the world’s fastest real-time update rate of more than 4.5 million acquisitions per second. This rate enables development engineers to see more signal detail and infrequent events than any other oscilloscope, providing a deeper understanding of physical layer signals and faster testing.

The R&S MXO 4 spectrum function has the familiar interface of a spectrum analyser making it suitable for EMI debugging. The spectrum measurement setup dialog offers basic spectrum analyser parameters such as start and stop frequency and resolution bandwidth.

The Series features a 13.3” full-HD capacitive touchscreen and an intuitive user interface. The instrument’s small footprint, very low audible noise, VESA mounting and rackmount kit for installation makes it suitable for most engineering workspaces.

Key benefits for engineers include:

  • Fast acquisition rate of over 4.5 million waveforms/s and industry’s lowest trigger rearm time of < 21ns to see signals faster
  • 12-bit ADC vertical resolution, 18-bit architecture with HD mode, minimal noise of 104 and ±5 V offset range with 500 µV/div sensitivity to see signals accurately
  • Standard memory of 400 Mpoints per channel with option for 800 Mpoints to capture more time
  • Industry's most sensitive trigger of 1/10 000 div enables the isolation of events with greater precision, making it easier for engineers to identify anomalies and potential issues in their signals

The new R&S MXO 4 oscilloscope series is available from stock at Farnell in EMEA.