Far field voice capture evaluation kit launched

XMOS says the xCORE VocalFusion Speaker Linear evaluation kit is now available. Part of its range of far-field voice capture solutions, the kit is based on the XVF3100 voice processor and targeted at those looking to integrate voice interfaces into ‘edge of the room’ devices such as smart home control panels and washing machines.

Mark Lippett, president and CEO, said: “This launch … ensures that developers can easily integrate high performance voice interfaces into their products, with an architecture that enables innovative and very flexible deployments, and have a best-in-class kit to work with.”

Voice commands are captured for processing by a cloud-based speech recognition system or local application processor. The XVF3100 supports voice digital signal processing, including a full duplex acoustic echo canceller with ‘barge-in’ capability and an adaptive beamformer that follows a speaker.