Fanless industrial controllers

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The 31xx series of industrial controllers from National Instruments provides connectivity to NI test and measurement platforms and a fanless design for long term deployments.

The NI 3110 industrial controller features an Intel SL9JT L2400 1.66GHz Core Duoprocessor and an Intel 1.06GHz Celeron M 423 processor, both configured to run Windows XP. The controllers are said to be suitable for rugged applications that require fanless cooling and a wide range of connectivity to external devices. The controller is said to provide a flexible control system for multithreaded applications that require dual core processing and analysis. Engineers can use the device as an interface to control remote I/O, providing a flexible measurement platform for reliable deployment and a durable system for long term use. Featuring a range of connectivity options – including PCI Express, USB, Ethernet and PXI, the controllers can support remote integrated and MXI Express chassis or any PXI chassis with a cabled PCI Express connector in test applications. The device's two Ethernet ports and an integrated video port can be used to add an HMI and a flat panel touchscreen interface.