Exeger and Matrix Industries to develop low-power solutions for electronic devices

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Exeger, the Swedish deep-tech company and developer of the solar cell technology Powerfoyle, is partnering with Matrix Industries to provide high efficiency low-power solutions to a wide range of technology manufacturers.

Matrix Industries, based in Menlo Park, California, is a pioneer in development of energy harvesting solutions for connected devices. Its products include advanced low-power machine learning algorithms and energy harvesting technology.

Exeger manufactures a patented photovoltaic solar cell, Powerfoyle, that can be produced in any shape and size, and can convert all forms of light, both artificial indoor and natural outdoor, into clean, endless energy.

Matrix has developed Single-cell Solar Booster standard modules (SSB) and also a high power variant (SSBH) specially tailored for single cell photovoltaics like Powerfoyle. Matrix SSB coupled with Powerfoyle Indoor cells (optimised for indoor applications) and Matrix SSBH coupled with Powerfoyle Hybrid (designed for a combination of outdoor and indoor light sources) will enable customers to create energy harvesting solutions with significant longer battery life – or even completely battery free. It will also help to streamline maintenance operations and reduces maintenance costs.

The combination of technologies is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications covering agriculture, manufacturing and building systems (including heating, cooling and lighting), along with consumer devices such as wearables and home automation products.

“Joining forces with Matrix Industries provides yet another option for our customers to choose from when it comes to boost converters”, said Oscar Hemberg, Chief Product Integration Officer at Exeger. ”Through the combination of both Matrix's technology and our solar cell, we can offer a complete energy harvesting solution and reduce the need for costly battery replacement and maintenance of IoT deployments”.

“Powerfoyle’s solar cells are an especially appealing solution for wearable and IoT devices that need to incorporate efficient photovoltaic energy harvesting with none of the downsides of traditional solar cells such as visible bus bars or unnatural appearance,” added Douglas Tham, Chief Technology Officer at Matrix. “Our lineup of Single Solar Booster modules is a perfect match for Exeger’s solar cells and enables product designers to integrate Powerfoyle into products easily and at minimal added cost.”