Euro project looks to create ‘manufacturable’ III-V CMOS on Si technology

A European project brings together Fraunhofer IAF , LETI, Lund University, University of Glasgow, Tyndall National Institute and IBM Switzerland, has committed itself to establishing manufacturable III-V CMOS technology on Si substrates. The results of the three year project are expected to improve such things as radar imaging and 5G communications systems.

Called Insight – Integration of III-V Nanowire Semiconductors for Next Generation High Performance CMOS SoC Technologies – the project is looking to develop complementary functionality in III-V CMOS material, supporting analogue and digital functionality in the millimetre wave frequency domain.

“The fabrication of high performance III-V components on large silicon substrates using CMOS compatible technologies opens a path for cost reduction of millimetre wave key components with minimised use of critical materials” said Insight coordinator Lars-Erik Wernersson, a professor at Lund University.

According to Insight, which is receiving €4.3million from the European Horizon 2020 research project, integrating III-V materials into Si CMOS can enable better logic circuits with a lower power consumption, as well as the realisation of SoCs that can take full advantage of III-V’s RF/analogue metrics.