Digi-Key unveils Immersive Innovation Hub

1 min read

Digi-Key Electronics has announced the introduction of the Innovation Hub, an immersive experience that will allow users to virtually explore a modern engineer’s workshop.

Innovation Hub users can explore the immersive space and discover how Digi-Key can help bring their ideas to reality by interacting and engaging with multiple experiences and features. New and current Digi-Key customers can access the Innovation Hub for a curated way to access the broad range of resources and content the company is able to offer, including products, videos, technical information, calculators and more.

The Innovation Hub provides an immersive web experience of a modern engineer’s workshop, including featured products, tools, boards, calculators and other content including videos and more.

Experiences in the Innovation Hub include:

Test Bench: featured tools and equipment, including oscilloscopes, soldering stations and digital multi-metres;

Boards Explorer: view more than 50 development boards in 360-degrees from Digi-Key’s Boards Guide, as well as accessing overviews, datasheets, product detail page links and more;

Featured Products: explore Digi-Key’s newest items and product specs from leading suppliers, many of which are available with a 360-degree view;

Calculator: interactive calculators and conversion tools;

Knowledge Center: video and resource libraries featuring content such as IoT and Automation & Control, value-added programs including myLists and DKRed, additional collateral and more.

“The Innovation Hub enables students, makers and engineers around the world to engage with Digi-Key in a new and dynamic immersive web format,” said David Sandys, senior director of technical marketing at Digi-Key. “There is simply no better way to learn about Digi-Key, the products and markets we serve, and the content and solutions we develop. We are looking forward to bringing it on the road with us to upcoming trade shows and conferences.”