Digi-Key announces new design simulation tool

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Digi-Key has joined forces with Transim Technology and NXP Semiconductors to develop a new design simulation technology.

According to Digi-Key, the design simulation tool provides engineers with the capability to create custom reference designs and immediately verify and test designs online using Transim's WebSIM technology. Once the designs are tested and approved, components can then be purchased using Digi-Key's e-commerce tools, which enable users to create a bill of materials from a simulated design and view real time pricing and availability of parts for the design. Transim says its engineers collaborate with each manufacturer's design engineers to mimic the design process as it occurs when conducted in real life. John Collins, Digi-Key's chief information officer, said: "Digi-Key is committed to providing innovative solutions to our customers. The partnering of our e-commerce platform with Transim and NXP embodies those goals. By utilising web services as an integration platform, we bring together the powerful combination of Transim and NXP solutions with Digi-Key's unparalleled breadth of product and leading edge technologies to give the customer the most convenient, flexible experience possible."