Dialog Semiconductor launches advanced analogue GreenPAK IC

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Dialog Semiconductor has announced the SLG47004, the company's first advanced analogue GreenPAK IC.

The SLG47004 integrates an instrumentation amplifier with auto-trimming, digital pots, analogue switches and a number of digital functions with in-system programmability in a small 3mm x 3mm solution size allowing designers to create, simulate and prototype sophisticated analogue ICs.

Similar to the other members of the GreenPAK family, the SLG47004 is highly customisable where a vast array of new functions can be simply created by the designer. As an example, the SLG47004 includes low offset CMOS operational amplifiers (op amps) with an 8MHz bandwidth, that can be configured into an instrumentation amplifier. The digital potentiometers can be used for auto-trimming the analogue system offset or used independently as 10-bit 100kOhm digital rheostats.

This flexible programmability is combined to form a single IC system solution for implementing cost-effective and energy-efficient complete analogue system solutions or an advanced analogue front end (AFE).

“The SLG47004 is the first GreenPAK IC to now incorporate configurable op amp functionality. Its high level of customisation and integration of multiple functions into a single ultra-small form factor device is unmatched by any other solution on the market,” said John Mcdonald, Vice President Marketing, Advanced Mixed Signal Business Group, Dialog Semiconductor. “This new product will rapidly accelerate GreenPAK adoption into entirely new applications for our customers and partners and is just the beginning of a whole new family of solutions extending the GreenPAK family that Dialog will be rolling out."

The SLG47004 is intended as a replacement for designs that include programmable gain amplifiers, instrumentation amplifiers, digital potentiometers, and analogue switches. Common applications include analogue interfaces for sensors, AFEs for analogue-to-digital converters (ADCs), and tunable analogue filters. Other potential sensor interface applications include pressure sensors, photo detectors, and force-sensitive button interfaces.

The GreenPAK Designer software package for the SLG47004 allows for fast, accurate and complete simulation of the op amps, digital pots, analogue switches, comparators, and all digital blocks including some external system components. This will allow the designer to simulate circuit nodes both inside and outside the IC. Upon completion of a design, a sample can be easily generated in minutes via the GreenPAK Designer hardware programmer.