Dialog Semiconductor has launched the DA14586, said by the company to be its first standalone device qualified to support the latest Bluetooth 5.0 specification.

A derivative of the SmartBond DA14580, the DA14586 is said to offer greater flexibility in creating applications with small footprints and power budgets. Other enhancements include a power management setup with buck and boost converters, providing support for most primary batteries.

“Bluetooth 5 is one of the most highly-anticipated developments in connectivity and Dialog is amongst the first out of the gate … with a qualified standalone SoC,” said Sean McGrath, Dialog’s general manager, connectivity. “Not only is DA14586 following in the SmartBond tradition of flexibility and low power consumption, but now, with Bluetooth 5 support and an integrated microphone interface, we also have an SoC that opens the door to a new era of connected devices and applications.”

In addition to Bluetooth 5 support, DA14586 has twice the application memory of its predecessor and an integrated microphone interface. Dialog says the device also supports mesh based networking.

Dialog is also making available the DA14585, which features a one time programmable memory, instead of the flash memory found in the 14586.