Cypress brings usb 3.0 to mobile devices

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Cypress Semiconductor has introduced what it claims to be the industry's first usb 3.0 solution specifically built to improve the performance of handheld mobile devices.

The new West Bridge Benicia peripheral controller is a data transfer offload engine, optimised to enable mobile devices to double the I/O operations per second throughput, stream hd video, 'sideload' multimedia content at up to 200MB per second and reduce battery charging time by half. According to Cypress, the technology allows for increased charging currents up to 900mA and significantly improves the performance of a device during boot, page loading, switching between apps and other tasks that require frequent memory access. It employs the second generation of Cypress's Simultaneous Link to Independent Multimedia architecture, which manages multiple non blocking paths between peripherals, memory and the processor to allow maximum data throughput. According to Cypress, the West Bridge controller supports the latest mass storage standards such as SD 3.0 and e-MMC4.4x. It also features Cypress's new EZ-Dtect feature, which is designed to provide charger and accessory detection without the need for any external power management device. "We are pleased to be the first to bring usb 3.0 performance to the mobile landscape" said Dinesh Ramanathan, executive vp of Cypress's data communications division. "Our West Bridge architecture will enable mobile devices to deliver a richer user experience with streaming hd video, super fast sideloading and more."