Core AVI releases Safe AI and Computer Vision Software stack

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CoreAVI have released their Safe AI and Computer Vision Solution which includes the company's newest product, the VkCoreVX SC, a safety critical implementation of Khronos’ OpenVX1.3 API.

This Safe AI and Computer Vision Solution provides a flexible framework for computer vision, signal processing, and neural network inferencing while achieving stringent levels of safety certification. Application developers will now be able to deploy object detection and tracking algorithms based on a safety certifiable framework.

VkCoreVX SC provides a feature set for implementing and deploying convolutional neural networks, supporting vector machines, gaussian filtering and optical flow. It is built on top of CoreAVI’s safety critical Vulkan SC implementation (VkCore SC), which provides both graphics and compute capabilities within the same safety critical framework.

As a result, visualizing compute workloads, which is needed in augmented vision systems, autonomous systems, or degraded visual environments, can now for the first time be done from within a safety critical API with a deterministic runtime-state-management.

In addition to the VkCore SC graphics and compute driver, the complete Safe AI and Computer Vision Solution also includes CoreAVI’s ComputeCore compute libraries to enable safety critical implementation of BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms) and FFTs (Fast Fourier Transform).

The software stack facilitates the transition to safety certifiable Vulkan compute from commercial OpenCL, CUDA, and OpenCV solutions and has been designed from the ground up for real time and safety certification and contains no open source components and no 3rd party software. The Safe AI and Computer Vision Solution is available with CertCore 26262 including ISO 26262 Accredited Safety Assessment Certificate ASIL D and CertCore 178 (DO-178C / ED-12C Avionics) DAL A safety certification package.

“CoreAVI is excited to announce our first safety critical Safe AI and Computer Vision Solution that offers OpenVX 1.3 capabilities,” said Damian Fozard, CEO at CoreAVI. “The future of many industries, including aerospace and defense, automotive, and industrial IoT depend on the availability of advanced algorithms to enable neural networks. We are happy to provide our customers with a true safety critical software stack to facilitate powerful AI and computer vision capabilities on their modern GPUs.”