Conquer Multi-board design challenges with Altium at PCB Design and Manufacturing Live

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PCB Design and Manufacturing Live, created by New Electronics magazine, is a brand-new event dedicated to design engineers sourcing the electronic components and services needed to develop their PCB design and manufacturing processes. The event will be held at the National Motorcycle Museum on May 10, 2018 and will include an array of seminars, exhibitors and demonstrations.

Tony Folan, senior field application engineer of Altium UK will be among those delivering a free-to-attend seminar at the event, titled: ‘Conquering multi-board design challenges to create next-generation electronics’.

Many products include multiple, interconnected printed circuit boards. Bringing these boards together inside the enclosure and ensuring they correctly connect to each other is a challenging phase of the product development process.

Managing this process requires a design environment that supports system-level design. Ideally, this will be a design space where you can define both the functional, or logical system, as well as a space where you can plug together the various boards and verify that they connect correctly, both logically and physically.

Folan’s seminar, which will run from 11:30am – 12:10pm in the PCB Seminar theatre, will demonstrate how to achieve this with the Multi-board design feature in Altium Designer 18.

To register for free for the Altium UK seminar, which will be held at PCB Design and Manufacturing Live on May 10, 2018 at the National Motorcycle Museum, please visit:

Fore more information about PCB Design and Manufacturing Live, click here.

*By pre-registering, visitors will qualify for a VIP visitor badge and claim free exhibition entry; free parking; and a free breakfast roll, if arriving before 10:30am.