Cadence’s Allegro X AI looks to accelerate PCB design

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Cadence Design Systems has announced the Allegro X AI technology, a next-generation system design technology that delivers both performance improvements and automation.

The AI offering is built on and accessed through the Allegro X Design Platform and offers time savings for PCB design, with placement and routing (P&R) tasks reduced from days to a matter of minutes and with equivalent or higher quality compared with manually designed boards.

P&R in PCB design is traditionally a manual time-intensive process that impacts time-to-market. The Allegro X AI technology looks to leverage the scalability of the cloud for physical design automation, offering generative design of the PCB while ensuring the design is electrically correct and manufacturable.

The technology automates placement, metal pouring, and critical net routing, and is integrated with fast signal integrity and power integrity analysis. Using the generative AI capabilities customers will, according to Cadence, be able to streamline their system design process achieving a 10X or more reduction in PCB design turnaround time.

The benefit of the Allegro X AI technology include:

Improved Productivity: Dramatic reduction in design turnaround time by automating placement, leveraging a scalable architecture that uses compute infrastructure on the cloud.

Better Quality of Results: Placement automation using generative AI enables feasibility analysis in the early phases of design. Exploring a much larger solution space than what is possible through manual methods, the technology drives optimization of metrics such as shorter wire lengths while adhering to the design constraints

Efficient Design Closure: Integrated tightly with system analysis technologies through the Allegro X Platform where the user can optimize the designs for electrical and thermal performance

“Cadence is committed to delivering system design solutions that incorporate the power of AI and cloud technology to ensure the fastest turnaround times,” said Michael Jackson, corporate vice president of R&D at Cadence. “The Allegro X AI technology extends Cadence’s technology leadership in PCB design and provides a transformative impact, offering customers greater productivity through AI-powered automation, improved engine performance and integration with Cadence’s system design and analysis product portfolio.”