Bridge controller simplifies USB to SPI connectivity

Silicon Labs' new USB to SPI bridge controller is designed to provide leading data throughput and configurability, as well as a high level of mixed signal integration, in a 4 x 4mm package.

The CP2130 is suitable for new designs or upgrading legacy designs to include USB embedded applications such as USB dongles, tablets, handheld controllers and testers, blood glucose monitors and card readers. According to SiLabs, the controller enables developers to add USB functionality to their applications without requiring USB software, firmware or hardware domain expertise typically required with more complex alternatives. The device features on-chip functions and peripherals that eliminate the need for external components, lowering bom cost and board space. It also includes a USB 2.0 full speed controller and transceiver, an SPI controller that enables communication with a range of SPI slave devices down to 1.8V, 348byte programmable memory, crystal-less USB operation and an integrated 5V voltage regulator rated at 100mA.