Bluetooth LE module has 400m range

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A Bluetooth Low Energy module from Cypress is said to extend range to 400m, eight times more than current solutions. Using the EZ-BLE PSoC XT/XR module, the company claims, will open the use of Bluetooth connectivity to a range of home automation, industrial and smart city applications.

The EZ-BLE PSoC XT/XR CYBLE-224110-00 module is supplied in 32pad package measuring 9.5 x 14.5mm and has a temperature range of -40 to 105°C.

Meanwhile, Cypress has also announced the EZ-BLE PRoC CYBLE-222014-01 module, said to be the first to enable the three key features of Bluetooth 4.2 – data length extension, privacy and enhanced security. These, says Cypress, are critical for IoT applications.

Dave Solda, senior director of Cypress’ Module Business Unit, noted: “Our EZ-BLE PSoC XT/XR module, coupled with our upcoming Bluetooth mesh solution, enables customers to develop innovative products that can communicate simultaneously with billions of Bluetooth enabled mobile devices and a wide area Bluetooth network in a cost effective manner.”

The modules integrate an ARM Cortex-M0 core, Cypress’ CapSense capacitive sensing technology, two crystals, an on-board antenna, metal shield and passive components.

Cypress says it has simplified the Bluetooth LE protocol stack and profile configuration into a new royalty free, GUI based BLE Component that can be dragged and dropped into designs using its PSoC Creator integrated design environment.