BASF battery research intensifies for sustainable electromobility

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BASF will be investing a 'three digit million Euro' sum in researching and developing battery materials over the next five years.

Part of the investment is being channelled into the construction of a production plant for advanced cathode materials in Elyria, Ohio. Backed by an investment of more than $50million, the new facility is scheduled to supply cathode materials for the production of high performance lithium ion batteries from mid 2012. The company has also entered into the field of electrolyte development, essential for battery performance. As well as developing materials for lithium ion batteries, BASF is also researching future battery concepts such as lithium sulphur or lithium air. Dr Andreas Kreimeyer, member of the Board of Executive Directors and Research Executive Director of BASF SE, said: "With our research activities we are substantially contributing to making electric cars affordable, environment friendly and sustainable. For this we need batteries and further innovative components that provide a greater driving range with less weight and lower costs. "If industry together with politics, science and society as a whole all pull in the same direction, electromobility will be successful and become an affordable and sustainable alternative to the classical internal combustion technology," added Kreimeyer."