Avnet Silica makes Azure Sphere enabled LoRaWAN gateways available

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Avnet Silica is stocking Microsoft Azure Sphere enabled LoRaWAN gateways from Miromico, an established OEM for IoT devices.

Miromico focuses on design services in the field of integrated circuits, electronic systems, software and manufacturing.

The LoRaWAN gateways have been designed to integrate the Microsoft Azure Sphere platform, which enables the monitoring, tracking and management of data across different environments from buildings to factories, in hospitals, in agricultural and retail applications, and in smart cities. Integrating the platform from qiio, the gateway supports cellular, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, with easy deployment and automatic management.

LoRaWAN is an RF communications technology that enables devices to wirelessly connect to the internet, opening up opportunities for organisations to deploy IoT solutions at a much lower cost than can be achieved via existing cellular infrastructure solutions. The technology is currently being used for monitoring weather or tracking sensors, asset management, controlled automation, and climate control.

Ensuring security and smooth operation of LoRaWAN gateways remains a challenge. However, the Azure Sphere platform ensures safety from the risk of cyber-attacks by providing multiple layers of security to help guard the gateways against threats. It can also be deployed in a flexible way to secure existing equipment as well as building protection into new IoT infrastructure development. In addition, error reporting and automatic security update services help users stay ahead of current and evolving threats.

Secondly, the platform provides guaranteed maintenance for the gateways throughout their operating lifetime, automatically handling security maintenance tasks such as the daily authentication of hardware and software. Close integration between the platform and the Miromico gateway hardware enables a failsafe mechanism for over-the-air (OTA) updates, allowing customers to remotely upgrade gateways without fear of them becoming unreachable due to a glitch during the update.