Avnet Silica adds first provisioning services through NXP’s EdgeLock 2GO

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Avnet Silica has announced its cooperation with NXP Semiconductors to bring secure provisioning services to OEM and EMS customers.

Credit: Alina TymoFieleva - adobe.stock.com

The distributor has a long-standing collaboration with NXP and this cooperation allows Avnet Silica to be the first NXP programming partner to deliver the EdgeLock 2GO service for compatible devices.

The Avnet Silica secure provisioning machine is connected to NXP’s EdgeLock 2GO cloud-based solution to streamline the provisioning process of OEM devices and ensure quality of service. This joint solution allows customers to configure, generate and manage their device credentials via the NXP EdgeLock 2GO service. They can then receive the credentials already programmed into the silicon by Avnet Silica, removing the need for OEM or EMS customers to connect on their own.

The Avnet Silica and NXP EdgeLock 2GO secure provisioning solution supports key and certificate injection such as Matter certificates and cloud authentication. Other available services include secure boot mechanism injection and firmware programming for IP protection; customers also have the safety of avoiding counterfeit devices through transparent product distribution tracking.

“We have worked with NXP to enable provisioning for EdgeLock 2GO compatible devices in our Product Modification Centre in Poing, Germany. This new service allows our customers to receive securely provisioned devices. By using our secure provisioning service, OEMs have a quality-assured service and ease of traceability in order to help avoid the grey market,” commented Romain Tesniere, Business Development Manager IoT & Security at Avnet Silica.

“NXP is committed to make it easier, simpler and more convenient for device OEMs to provision their IoT devices. Our EdgeLock 2GO service delivers a secure, simple and flexible way to provision and manage device credentials, over the entire lifecycle of the device, from manufacturing to deployment and retirement. By collaborating with Avnet Silica, device OEMs get parts already programmed and ready-to-use, while benefiting from the full EdgeLock 2GO experience for updating and maintaining devices in the field,” said Alasdair Ross, Senior Director, NFC IoT Security, NXP Semiconductors.

EdgeLock 2GO lets users securely install keys and certificates into their devices, either during manufacturing or in the field, and then keep credentials up to date during the device lifecycle. EdgeLock 2GO leverages the security capability of each device, for optimal levels of security across an entire IoT fleet.

Key features include:

  • Highly flexible approach to IoT security
  • Provisioning services for device credentials injection and maintenance
  • Secure key injection leverages device’s hardware capabilities
  • Approved Product Attestation Authority (PAA) for Matter device certificates