Atmosic App speeds up testing of IoT wireless platforms

1 min read

Atmosic Technologies is partnering with Fusionary, a web and mobile app development company, to develop a new mobile app experience called Viviant.

The Viviant app is intended to help developers and companies accelerate time to market when they are developing and evaluating Bluetooth IoT projects.

Viviant allows developers to not only run simple evaluation tests but also complex applications using Atmosic’s wireless SoCs, allowing developers to quickly test and debug low-power wireless Bluetooth LE embedded application code and easily test interoperability with Android and iOS mobile devices.

Developers can run out-of-the-box demos such as Blinky, Motion, Gauges, and a Device Scanner to help familiarise themselves with the Atmosic low-power radio development ecosystem. The app also includes troubleshooting features to help fix bugs and test data throughput during the development of IoT products.

With a built-in logging feature, developers can also access support ticketing. Additionally, Atmosic’s customers can leverage Fusionary’s expertise in web and mobile apps to develop their own custom apps.

“Fusionary’s expertise has been invaluable in developing our mobile app,” said Sudhakar Gundubogula, Senior Director for Software Products at Atmosic Technologies. “Viviant will significantly improve the developer experience so our customers can easily evaluate our ultra-low-power wireless platforms and troubleshoot and fix bugs in no time. In addition, there is a mobile SDK available for customers to customise and integrate into their own mobile applications.”

Atmosic’s Lowest Power Radio technology provides users with solutions that consume one-quarter of the power of many competitor solutions. Atmosic’s system-on-chips (SoCs) can also intelligently harvest energy from ambient sources, including both indoor and outdoor photovoltaic (PV) sources, and directly from radio waves.

Combining Atmosic’s extremely low power Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) radio and controlled energy harvesting technology significantly extends battery life so batteries can last the lifetime of a device. The company’s technology can also be used to replace the need for batteries entirely, which can help save billions of batteries from ending up in landfills in the coming years.

According to Sam Kasgorgis, President and CEO at Fusionary, “Viviant is a great example of how our expertise in web and mobile apps can help streamline the development process for IoT projects. We look forward to continuing to work together with Atmosic’s clients to help them bring new and innovative products to market faster.”

The first release provides developers with a wide variety of useful development features. Additional functionality is already in development and will be enabled for future releases.

Viviant is now available in Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store.