Arrow Electronics introduces XoverIoT certified Sigfox modules

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Arrow Electronics is now shipping SIGFOX-MOD1-certified Sigfox modules created by XoverIoT. The modules are intended to help accelerate the development of Internet of Things solutions, leveraging consistent, low-energy Sigfox wireless connectivity.

The modules are available in two versions, including the SIGFOX-MOD1-C with integrated chip antenna and the SIGFOX-MOD1-E with a U.FL socket for an external antenna.

Designed with the flexibility to dynamically reconfigure for short-range FSK operation or long-range communication, developers will be able to create connected solutions to address markets associated with industrial monitoring, asset tracking, supply chain, and smart infrastructure.

XoverIoT’s SIGFOX-MOD1 modules are based on the STMicroelectronics Sigfox chipset, which comprises the STM32L051K8 microcontroller, the S2-LPQTR 868MHz radio transceiver and the BALF-SPI2-01D3 integrated balun that saves space and makes RF circuit design easier. The module is compact, measuring just 37.6mm x 15.0mm x 3.8mm, and enables long battery life, leveraging ultra-low-power technologies of both the STM32L0 microcontroller and the S2-LP radio transceiver. The operating current is just 29mA in transmit mode, running off a 3.3V supply. The underlying ST chipset is certified for all Sigfox geographical zones (ZC1 to ZC6).

The modules come loaded with embedded firmware including the Sigfox software stack, which is easily controlled from the host application using standard AT commands. Alternatively, leveraging the microcontroller’s generous 64Kbyte Flash, users can choose to run their application on the module for maximum efficiency and system cost savings.

A comprehensive set of tools is also available to aid rapid development, including the SIGFOX-DEV1 Arduino-compatible STM32Nucleo module development kit, SIGFOX-CLK1 mikroBUS kit, and SIGFOX-USB2 USB dongle for testing module communications with the module.

In conjunction with Arrow, XoverIoT is also offering additional engineering services to support design-in, antenna design, product approval, and firmware customisation.

Access to powerful cloud services, application hosting, and front-end development support can also be provided through trusted partners, enabling more cost-efficient product development by letting customers only buy what they need, from the bare module to a fully developed solution, and from basic engineering services to complete production and shipping.