Anritsu and HEAD acoustics extend 5G cooperation

2 mins read

Anritsu has unveiled a solution integrated with a hardware platform from HEAD acoustics for evaluating the voice and audio quality of 5G VoNR devices.

The solutions will enable Anritsu and HEAD acoustics to provide a complete solution for Voice/Audio quality evaluation for all cellular technologies comprising of 5G SA VoNR, 5G NSA VoLTE, 4G VoLTE, 3G and 2G.

Anritsu’s 5G Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A and SmartStudio NR software is able to simulate a 5G communications environment and now supports HEAD acoustics’ labCORE hardware platform and ACQUA measurement analysis software, providing users with an effective and complete test environment for evaluating 5G VoNR quality of user devices.

“It’s important for Anritsu to contribute to the performance measurement of the wireless devices as required to ensure confidence of the industry in the new technologies, like 5G VoNR.” said Hiroyuki Kato, Director, Mobile Solutions Div., Anritsu. “We’ve a long experience in Network Simulators & have the confidence of the leading chipsets and devices manufacturers; today, our 5G simulator MT8000A and SmartStudio NR software, because of its performance, stability and ease of use is also able to contribute in the key area of VoNR audio quality testing with the help of the key collaboration with HEAD acoustics.“

A major increase in standalone (SA) mode testing requirements is anticipated as the world’s major communications operators roll-out commercial 5G NR services from 2021 using the SA-mode technology, and while the 5G SA mode strengthens core networks and supporting VoNR technology it requires new methods for evaluating voice quality.

Anritsu’s SmartStudio makes it easier to control measuring instruments without any complex settings and operations to simulate 2G to 5G base stations and core networks by functioning as an easy call box. Users can execute GUI-based terminal evaluation and performance tests without needing to create test scenarios. At voice and audio-quality evaluations, flexible setting of network conditions makes it easy to reproduce the evaluation environment, playing a key role in efficient analysis. Due to support for external control, users can configure an automated environment matching their test system.

labCORE from HEAD acoustics is a modular hardware platform for high-accuracy voice and audio quality tests that measure digital and analogue telecom and audio devices as well as transmission systems.

Multipurpose applications support headset and headphone analysis, binaural analysis and equalization, VoIP reference and gateway functions on one platform. Additionally, ACQUA also from HEAD acoustics is a voice and audio-quality test and measurement software including multichannel signal generation and analyzer functions.

Combining ACQUA with labCORE supports analysis of mobile components, finished products, and communication networks via synchronized digital inputs and outputs. International standards such as ITU, 3GPP, GCF, PTCRB, etc., are supported.