Anglia unveils total battery pack service

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Anglia has unveiled a total battery pack service, offering full design-in support on standard, customised and fully bespoke solutions based on primary or rechargeable cells in a choice of output voltages and capacities.

Anglia’s total battery pack service embraces a comprehensive portfolio of chemistries including Lithium-Ion, Lithium Polymer, Lithium Iron Phosphate, NiMH, Lithium Thionyl Chloride as well as other non-rechargeable chemistries. Another key benefit Anglia can offer is comprehensive safety approvals. Where customers specify custom packs, they can be manufactured and supplied with the required safety approvals including UL for the US market.

Lithium-Ion is the most popular chemistry Anglia see demand for due to its volumetric efficiency. Most customer requirements involve some level of customisation, from very simple changes such as adding connectors right through to a fully bespoke pack with a specified capacity, size and shape along with embedded functionalities like battery protection and charge/discharge control circuits. Anglia is able to offer a customisation service to the exact requirement.

For high power density packs to suit medium and heavy-duty traction applications, Anglia also offers Lithium Ion Phosphate chemistry. Its long service life and deep cycling capabilities make it suitable for stand-alone applications and off-grid systems. NiMH also remains a very popular chemistry, it offers a safe, simple to integrate and very cost-effective option for applications where space constraints are not an issue.

For low energy applications like security systems, wireless alarms and computer memory back-up that require long standby life, Anglia offers Lithium Thionyl Chloride.

For IoT applications which are remotely located with no access to a power connection but still need to have a long service life, such as remote sensing and telemetry systems, Anglia offers Lithium, Alkaline and other non-rechargeable chemistries which can be offered in standard formats or with customisation such as addition of PCB tabs or wire leads and connectors.

Anglia not only offers the battery pack with a comprehensive suite of customisation options; they can even have the customer’s own part number and brand name printed on the packs.

“Untethered electronics is expanding rapidly, and the battery pack specified is an invisible, but absolutely central, element of the product and user experience,” said David Pearson, Technical Director of Anglia.

“Users expect their device to be ready for use when they want it, where they want it and that’s only possible if designers make smart choices when selecting the battery for the power source. We’re here to help them with those choices. We can often create customised or completely bespoke solutions to exactly address the needs of the project.”