Anglia Unicorn targets technology start-ups

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Anglia Components has announced the launch of Anglia Unicorn, a dedicated division that will look to help technology start-ups get off the drawing board and into the market faster

Anglia Unicorn has been set up to support start-ups with innovative technology ideas and offers engineering resources, evaluation hardware and software tools along with samples from Anglia’s technology partners, all free of charge.

John Bowman, Chief Technology Officer at Anglia Components, said, “The support offered by Anglia Unicorn has been carefully curated to help technology start-ups and university spin-outs all the way through to venture capitalists, investors and equity funds who are working with technology companies that need help getting to the next level.

"We want customers to think of the Anglia Unicorn team as their technology adviser alongside their legal and financial advisers. This service isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution. We listen to what companies need and provide a bespoke programme to meet those specific requirements.”

According to Anglia while the partnership between Anglia Unicorn and the start-up will ideally begin with a concept, in practice, the customer may already have a proof-of-concept based around an off the shelf solution such as a credit card sized single board computer or Arduino-type platform. Anglia Unicorn will be able to offer help regardless of what stage the project is at, and will offer start-ups a free confidential consultation where they can discuss the concept, the key project milestones and the ultimate vision for the product.

Out of that consultation Anglia wil be able to provide key technology recommendations to help deliver the start-up's vision as quickly, reliably and cost-effectively as possible. This proposal is backed up with support from Anglia’s extensive engineering resource which includes a highly skilled and experienced field application engineering team along with access to other specialisations from the Anglia eco-system if needed.

Interested companies can get in touch with Anglia using the link below.