An EEG headset that measures emotions

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At this year’s CES, imec and Holst Centre will demonstrate a prototype of a new electroencephalogram (EEG) headset.

Designed to measure emotions and cognitive processes in the brain, the creators believe the headset could be a major breakthrough in emotion measurement for therapeutic, learning and gaming applications.

The EEG headset uses low-power technology, active high-quality EEG dry-electrodes from Datwyler and advanced software to accurately monitor in real time frontal EEG signals that are related to emotional state

Chris Van Hoof, senior director connected health solutions, said: “Since the headset is pre-fitted with electrodes, this eliminates the need for expertise in electrode placement and can be used on a regular basis with minimal setup time. We’re excited about how the headset can be leveraged in the gaming community to develop enhanced and more immersive games.”

The system contains a headphone jack and is Bluetooth compatible for music streaming. This integration of music playback means that the wearer's emotions could also be influenced by the system.

Imec says that with the help of AI, it is also possible for the headset to learn personal musical preferences. The device can then compose and playback, in real-time, music that fits these preferences and influence the wearer’s emotions to achieve their desired emotional state.

The machine learning algorithms to achieve this were developed by Osaka University under the Center of Innovation Program, integrating personalised emotion classification and real-time music composition into the system.

Professor Masayuki Numao from Osaka University, said: “Our expertise in machine learning and personalised emotion classification helped us to build a unique EEG system that links music that is offered through the headphones with emotional changes. We have achieved this Brain Melody system by combining model-based emotion recognition with techniques for real-time music composition and musical expression.”