ams launches inductive position sensor for high-speed motors

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ams has introduced an inductive position sensor for high-speed, automotive and industrial electric motors.

The new AS5715 sensor is ISO 26262 functional safety standard compliant. It is also highly configurable, and can be used in on-axis (end-of-shaft) and off-axis (through shaft or side-of-shaft) topologies, and with many types of multi-pole-pair motor.

Chris Feige, Executive Vice President for Automotive Solutions at ams, commented, “With the launch of the AS5715, ams takes another big step forward in its mission to provide technology for the greener, safer, smarter and more comfortable vehicle of tomorrow. Motors built with the AS5715 will be smaller and lighter, and deliver a smoother, more powerful output. This, coupled with cost savings are perfect reasons for automotive manufacturers to replace expensive, cumbersome resolvers with the AS5715 inductive sensor.”

The company says the high accuracy, low-latency position measurements produced by the AS5715 can enable high-speed motors to maximise torque, limit torque ripple, and achieve high efficiency. A position sensor system based on an AS5715 IC and its associated coil printed on a simple, low-cost PCB can achieve accuracy up to ±0.3° at rotation speeds up to 100,000rpm in various motor types including four-pole-pair PMSMs.

The AS5715 provides two pairs of differential analog outputs, as sine waves and cosine waves. These may be resolved to an angle measurement by applying an arctan function in the host controller. Ams says that a fully redundant measurement system can be implemented by mounting two AS5715 ICs on the sensor board.

The new inductive sensor is available for sampling now, and an evaluation kit is available on request from ams.