Altran creates embedded and critical system centre of excellence

Innovation consultant Altran has brought together two of its operating companies to form Altran Praxis, a systems and software organisation focusing on safety and security based applications. The merger brings together Praxis, a 26 year old company specialising in safety and security critical systems, with SC2, a specialist in the automotive sector. Target markets for the new company include aerospace and defence, railways, nuclear industry and air traffic management.

Altran Praxis will build safety and security critical software; develop innovative embedded software for new products and applications; act as a safety and security partner, consultant or independent assessor; conduct research for clients and develop in house tools and technology supporting embedded and critical systems. "If you are an automotive, aircraft or train manufacturer," said Keith Williams, Altran Praxis' managing director, "we can now build and assure your most critical control systems, such as engine management or braking, and deliver innovative passenger infotainment systems for generating more revenue."