Aegiq to deliver photonic quantum computer to the NQCC

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Aegiq, the Sheffield-based quantum start-up, was among a number of winners of a £30 million quantum testbed competition funded by the National Quantum Computing Centre (NQCC).

The competition, designed to drive innovation in quantum computing and enhance the UK’s capabilities, saw Aegiq join six other companies delivering different types of quantum computers for the UK’s first testbed to be installed at the NQCC facilities.

These technologies were chosen to accelerate the growth of the UK’s supply base, increase adoption of quantum computing, and to explore understanding of technology readiness by both private and public sector.

The contract will be used to deliver Artemis, Aegiq’s compact photonic quantum computer and a dedicated user interface for integration with NQCC testbed ecosystem. The Artemis hardware is based on Aegiq’s proprietary integrated photonic chip technology as well as utilising low-loss silicon nitride platform from QuiX Quantum. Artemis will provide a starting point to tackle problems that conventional computers are unable to address, and that are likely to impact most sectors including energy, finance and defence.

It will be built over the next 14 months and installed by Q1 2025 at the NQCC, ready for operation.

CEO of Aegiq, Maksym Sich, said, "We are very excited to unveil our quantum computing system Artemis and announce the NQCC as a launch customer for it. This marks an important milestone on our technology development roadmap for making practical quantum systems solving real-life problems.

“We firmly believe that government-backed capital, as a strategic partner, is the key to turbocharging the UK quantum industry and competing on the global scale. Competitions like this one will stimulate confidence among private customers and encourage investment.”

The £30m competition has been delivered through Innovate UK under the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) framework. During the project duration, lead contractors will undertake activities which include R&D, building, testing, and validating their integrated quantum computing testbed solutions for the NQCC.

Co-founded in 2019 by a leadership team consisting of Maksym Sich, Andrii Iamshanov and Scott Dufferwiel, Aegiq has its roots in the technology developed at the Sheffield Quantum Centre.

The NQCC competition results are part of the £45 million government investment into the quantum technology sector.