Advantech launches SOM-5883 Computer-on-Module

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Advantech, an embedded and AIoT solutions provider, has released the SOM-5883 Computer-on-Module which has been designed for high-performance edge computing applications.

The SOM-5883 is a COM Express Basic Type6 Module, and comes with integrated 11th Gen Intel Core processors (formally called Tiger Lake-H) and offers octa-core computing performance under TDP 45Watt, enhanced Intel Iris X graphics and a ready to use Edge AI Suite software toolkit. According to Advantech, the SOM-5883 is intended for medical imaging and AI applications.

To address the issue of heavy workload associated with image processing, the SOM-5883 is designed to support up to 128GB DDR4 3200 SODIMM, with high capacity and high frequency memory technology paired with improved computing and graphics performance.

In addition, there are numerous super speed I/O interfaces including PCIe Gen4(16GT/s) and USB3.2 Gen2(10Gbps), 2.5Gbase-T for enhanced system expansion. With optional NVMe SSD and TPM2.0 onboard design, -40~85oC operating temperature and 8.5~20V power input,the SOM-5883 is described as being both reliable and able to deliver improved levels of security for edge computing requirements.

The SOM-5883 is the first COM Express Type6 module that supports up to 8 Core processors and 128GB DDR4 memory. It offers a 1.7X computing performance growth and 1.5X 3D graphics upgrade. Advantech provides an Edge AI Suite containing Intel Open VINO and more than a hundred AI models to help customers quickly find the right SKU of target AI performance. The SOM-5883 also has four independent displays up to 4K over three DisplayPort 1.4/HDMI 2.1, optional eDP or LVDS, and VGAl, and it is configurable up to two ports 8K HDR outputs.

Using Advantech's QFCS (Quadra flow cooling system) thermal technology, the SOM-5883 can release 100% CPU power and deliver optimal performance.

The SOM-5883 is the first COM Express Type6 module offering x16 PCIe gen4, while its bandwidth has been doubled to 16GT/s allowing 31.5GB/s throughput via 16 PCIe lanes.

It also supports multiple cutting-edge I/O technologies which enables super speed data transmission with improved bandwidth of 2.5G LAN and an NVMe SSD onboard, with the capability to transfer huge data between AIoT applications.

The module also features ECC memory for the error correct function, TPM2.0 chip onboard to prevent cyber-threats, 8.5-20V wide range power input, a -40o~85oC wide operating temperature; while the NVMe SSD soldered down design makes it more robust and resistant to vibration when operating in harsh environments, especially in edge computing applications.

Beyond the hardware, it also supports BIOS storage protection, security boot, BIOS power-management, plus WISE-DeviceOn for remote hardware monitoring and OTA (over-the-air) software update to prevent system malfunction.