A new dimension for home automation?

1 min read

Bridgetek has released a user interface that brings standalone smart home systems into a single platform.

The PanL Smart Living (PSL) solution supports a wide range of different wireless and wireline connectivity protocols. This helps integrate the control of lighting, heating, air conditioning, curtains/blinds and household appliances, plus the activation of door entry mechanisms, into one platform. Bridgetek says this removes the requirement for a multitude of standalone subsystems.

The PSL platform can be accessed via wall-mounted display units around the residence, a mobile app, or by voice. The latter is made possible through an integration Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant.

Bridgetek says its approach offers the possibility for different functions to be coordinated together. For example, users can set up automatic blinds to be triggered to close when it starts to get dark outside, or the heating and lighting could be turned on together.

The connectivity supported by PSL covers Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), IRDA, 433MHz RF, Z-Wave, Zigbee, DMX512, DALI and Ethernet, plus proprietary technologies like Hue. PSL can also get data from sensor devices relating to room temperature, ambient light levels, the presence of a potential intruder or the detection of smoke. Bridgetek says PSL can expand and evolve to incorporate emerging technologies and attend to a more extensive array of prospective use cases.

The PSL platform is compatible with technology from companies including Philips, Heimann, OSRAM, Daikin, iHorn, EuChips, DMX, Somfy and NYCE.

Bridgetek’s technical team is now looking to engage directly with the system integrator community to further refine the platform.