A head for heights

In a move to ensure that Europe maintains its competitive position in the embedded systems sector, the EC has launched the Vertigo (Verification and validation of Embedded System Design workbench) project.

The project brings together STMicroelectronics, Aerielogic and TransEDA Systems, along with four European universities – Linköpings, Southampton, Tallinn and Verona. It aims to develop a systematic methodology to enhance the modelling, integration and verification of architectures targeting embedded systems built upon configurable platforms. “We hope to achieve several technology breakthroughs with Vertigo,” said Umberto Rossi, head of functional verification support at STMicroelectronics, which is leading the project. “The most important of these is the development of expression coverage criteria common to TLM and RTL that are capable of driving system validation between different abstraction levels.” For more about the Vertigo project, click on the link below.