A guiding light

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Electronics Yorkshire takes budding entrepreneurs on an interactive journey with its ‘guide to developing a new product’.

Helping to guide budding entrepreneurs through the difficult process of launching a new product or redeveloping a current one, Electronics Yorkshire has launched its ‘guide to developing a new product’. Available on its website, www.electronicsyorkshire.org.uk, the guide takes the user through everything they need to know before a product is launched - from research through to testing procedures and reviews. Although focusing on the development process for new products, the information provided by the guide is also relevant to the redevelopment of an existing product, and has been structured in such a way as to allow users to either follow a complete typical new product development journey, or to dip into areas of immediate interest as parts of the process are completed. “The information included in our guide is invaluable to anyone wanting to launch their own product and who doesn’t know how to proceed,” claimed Andy Lee, Electronics Yorkshire’s network manager. Areas covered by the guide include basic research, design brief, prototype assembly, testing procedures and design review, as well as ways of approaching product specifications and materials usage.