4G/5G summit: Samsung and Qualcomm work to deliver 5G NR small cell infrastructure

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Qualcomm and Samsung Electronics are working together to develop 5G small cells, which they hope will open the door for massive 5G network speed, capacity, coverage and ultra-low latency.

To effectively scale 5G NR networks, the industry is expected to increasingly rely on small cells as foundational building blocks. Given the propagation characteristics of higher frequencies in sub-6 and mmWave bands that will be used in 5G NR networks, small cell solutions are designed to support delivery of uniform 5G experiences, especially indoors where most data is consumed. In order to address cost and form factor requirements for a wide range of 5G NR deployment scenarios, service providers, enterprises, factories and other stakeholders are expected to growingly depend on 5G NR small cell solutions, and on the suppliers able to deliver them. Mobile operators across the world including United States, Japan and Korea are all expected to deploy small cells as a catalyst to support 5G-class experiences.

5G networks are expected to utilise small cells to provide multi-gigabit throughputs and millisecond level latencies to enhance the wireless experience, and support a variety of new and emerging applications, such as augmented and virtual reality. In addition, 5G networks have the potential to create new opportunities, such as industrial automation with Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), which rely on secure and high-speed wireless links. Harnessing 5G spectrum also provides the opportunity for multi-gigabit wireless speeds, making it ideal for fixed wireless access (FWA) applications, delivering “last-mile” broadband connectivity for homes, apartments and other venues in regions that are difficult to serve with traditional fibre or copper infrastructure.

Qualcomm FSM 100xx 10nm 5G Solution is said to be capable of enabling the Samsung 5G Small Cell solution to utilise both the sub-6GHz and mmWave spectrum, helping provide a next-generation wireless experience. According to Qualcomm, its FSM100xx is expected to deliver MIMO baseband functionality in a compact package that is presently unrivalled in the industry. Coupled with Samsung’s leadership in 4G/5G infrastructure, Qualcomm adds that Samsung’s 5G small cell solution is expected to provide mobile network operators with a superior tool capable of supporting both outdoor and indoor deployment scenarios.