30W wireless charging capabilities for mid-range smartphones

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Renesas is currently working with Qualcomm Technologies to include 30W wireless charging capabilities in mid-range smartphones powered by Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 780G 5G Mobile Platform.

This is the second high-power wireless charging smartphone reference design collaboration for the two companies and it is currently being commercially sampled. This announcement is being described as a significant step that will extend their collaboration in developing highly integrated, advanced wireless power features and making them standard in 5G smartphones from flagship to mainstream devices.

Qualcomm’s 5G mobile reference designs provide turnkey solutions that are intended to help OEMs to quickly and cost effectively implement fast wireless charging on flagship and mid-range smartphones, with Multi-Time Programmability (MTP) and OTA updates to simplify software development and Qi certification process.

The Renesas solution offers improved integration with over 85% end-to-end system efficiency that will help to expand the reach of wireless power technology to an even broader set of customers and simplify the process of adding wireless charging.

According to Amit Bavisi, Vice President and general manager of Renesas Wireless Power Group, Mobility Infrastructure and IoT Power Business Division, “Combining our highly integrated 30W technology and Qualcomm Technologies’ cutting-edge 5G technology is intended to give OEMs a turnkey solution with best-in-class wireless charging capabilities to make it easier to deliver fast wireless charging technology to the next generation of mid-range smartphones.”

The Renesas P9412 wireless power receiver is the industry’s first 30W power receiver with a high voltage integrated capacitor divider, offering superior power efficiency with 40-percent reduction in solution size compared with conventional solutions and so is able to free up PCB area for customers to include other features.

For a safe and fast charging experience, a custom high-power protocol is embedded in the device firmware, allowing the system to authenticate power transfer beyond the 15W defined by WPC EPP standard. Renesas’s Wattshare technology enables the mobile device to become a power source and wirelessly charge accessories in the ecosystem, such as earbuds and smart watches.

The new reference design is available now.