Speaking of success: Arrow Electronics

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The creation of a new sales channel, solutions for vertical markets and a new development tool evaluation programme are just three of this year's highlights for Arrow Electronics UK.

The challenges faced by the UK electronics sector in 2009 have emphasised the importance of building strong, long term relationships with channel partners. Distributors such as Arrow – which combines a broad product portfolio, a comprehensive range of value added services, a strong balance sheet and the ability to deliver the benefits of global resources at a local level – remain critical to the sector's continuing success. Distributors have to continue to evolve their product offerings if they are to meet the changing needs of their customers – ODMs, OEMs and CEMs. Such evolution requires a commitment to continuing investment, irrespective of the prevailing economic conditions. It is for this reason that Arrow Electronics UK launched its Arrow Advantage sales channel this year. Arrow Advantage Arrow Advantage makes all of the benefits associated with a global broadline distributor available to start up organisations, companies in the early stages of their development and other small to medium sized enterprises, or SMEs. Through Arrow Advantage, purchasers and engineers in these companies can access on board and off board components and platform level technologies from all of the franchised suppliers on Arrow Electronics (UK)'s comprehensive linecard. The launch of the channel was supported with the new 'Arrow Advantage' catalogue, which details a selection of 10,000 products from the 240,000 different parts available through the channel. Technologies in the catalogue have been specially selected as being representative of the products that UK purchasers and engineers most commonly need to address their design and manufacturing requirements. Simplifying development As customers look to focus on their core competencies, they increasingly look to the distribution channel for consultancy, advice, guidance and technical and design in support. On many occasions, this requires a solutions oriented approach to specific vertical requirements. This year, for example, Arrow has continued to develop solutions and services for a number of vertical segments, including the rapidly growing LED lighting sector. From components to complete systems, Arrow brings together the products, solutions and support infrastructure to meet the needs of organisations looking to migrate from traditional lighting to LED based platforms, as well as those who wish to design their own LED based applications from the circuit board up. Arrow's lighting product portfolio – which is featured in a dedicated 'Lighting Selection Guide' – combines LED devices from companies such as Avago, Cree and Osram with drivers, secondary optics, power supplies and all the other elements needed to implement an LED based lighting design. These products are complemented by intermediate and modular technologies – including PCBs prepopulated with LEDs – alongside tools that further speed the creation, prototyping and delivery of lighting products. Finally, technical specialists and FAEs can support customers at every stage of the design and manufacturing process, from initial concept to final production. Choosing the right development tool is particularly important for customers looking to focus on core competencies and speed time to market. That's why Arrow Electronics UK announced Arrow Testdrive this year. The initiative allows engineers to gain hands on experience of evaluation kits, development boards, reference designs and other tools from more than 400 renowned suppliers, prior to committing tool budget to a specific solution. As well as exposure to a variety of potential development tools, Arrow Testdrive provides information regarding development tool capabilities and usability; assistance in estimating function and implementation requirements; and local application and engineering support Continuous improvement As a truly world class supply chain company that has been at the forefront of electronics distribution for more than 50 years, Arrow is leading the way in providing real solutions that help customers to bring innovative products to market as fast as possible. The company recognises that it has only achieved its leading industry position by continually enhancing and improving its offerings. This is why – for customers and suppliers alike – continuous performance improvement remains at the heart of everything we do.