Right here, right now

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Today’s customers want it all – right now. But increased innovation escalates the complexity of the development process. By Mike Richardson.

The growing demand for complex architectures is making it increasingly more difficult for hardware and software developers to keep up with new chip innovations. These designs are driving the requirement for a more creative debugging and analysis philosophy to accelerate the hardware development process and to offer a more collaborative synergy between hardware and software developers. Not only are devices becoming more complex, but the product time to market is becoming shorter too. System on chip (SoC) designs appeared on the market out of the blue and immediately created an issue for debug specialists. Now the latest innovation in the shape of multicore has arrived and the industry is asking itself how can it debug such a system? The combination of these two issues is beginning to create an expectation in the industry as companies strive to solve these problems: namely, how do you debug such complex systems and still the get the product to market in a reasonable time?