All for one

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How the latest Jtag interfaces can be a useful ally in the fight to cut development time. By Mike Richardson.

Whilst the motto, ‘all for one, and one for all’ is traditionally associated with the Three Musketeers and their loyalty to each other through thick and thin, the same sentiment can be applied to the launch of XJTAG’s Version 2.0 boundary scan development system. The company’s latest brainchild aims to give customers an ‘all in one’ boundary scan system that enables them to get their boards up and running in minutes and hours, not days and weeks as is the case with some traditional systems. The point being made here is that in today’s ‘right first time’ environment, developers increasingly need a test solution that not only maximises test coverage when it come to manufacture, but minimises board debug time in order to get their designs to market quickly. XJTAG says it now provides a common platform that can be shared by ‘one and all’ during the design and development of the product lifecycle.