TI digital power design workshop

1 min read

Arrow Denmark, Smedeholm 13A, Herlev

Learn to design and implement digital power supplies with Texas Instruments' TMS320C2000 microcontroller generation. • Reduce your development time and learning curve • Aimed at analogue power supply designers and embedded systems engineers • Morning theory followed by extensive design labs in the afternoon • Requires no/little knowledge of programming • Automated web tools make discrete time-control theory easy • Dedicated C2000 mcu peripheral libraries minimise coding • Complete syllabus available on www.biricha.com Day 1: Introduction to digital power • Topologies used in the workshop (digital buck/synchronous buck and flyback) • The C2000 mcu generation's development tools and features (GPIOs, PWM, over-current trip zones, ADC, etc.) • Lab: Use Biricha Digital's libraries to run mcu code with minimal programming Day 2: Digital power supply design • Step-by-step design of digital power supplies • Discrete control theory, Z transforms and digital convolution • How to design digital compensators for voltage mode control • Lab: Design and implement multiple voltage mode digital controllers on the C2000 mcu Day 3: Digital Peak Current Mode Using Piccolo B and CLA • Piccolo B and the CLA • How to design digital compensators for peak current mode control • Digital slope compensation • Lab: Implement peak current mode with slope compensation on Piccolo B and CLA