Plastic Electronics Conference: Overcoming market and financial barriers

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10th February 2011, Intellect Conference Suite, London, WC1B 5EE

The market for plastic (or printed) electronics has finally become reality, albeit not at the rate that many have predicted. Barriers to exponential growth include the inability of suppliers to lower costs and scale up production to enable mass-manufacturing. With only niche applications to date, plastic electronics has had little impact in replacing existing applications and has made only incremental progress in creating new ones. The most immediate applications concern RFID and OLED displays. These technologies are penetrating a wide number of customer applications, and as costs decline and performance improves, will justify customers switching to and, in many cases, implementing entirely new design solutions. Others applications, such as packaging, and photovoltaic and battery storage technology, are emerging slowly but represent great potential. However, there is a lot of speculation and exaggerated estimates about the impact of plastic electronics over time. To assist your evaluation of the future direction of this fascinating sector, Intellect, in association with BIS and ESP KTN, is pleased to present the first Plastic Electronics Conference: overcoming market and financial barriers. Who's speaking? • Peter Batchelor, BIS • Philip Cooper, De La Rue • Neil Shepherd, Toppan • Paddy MccGwire, Cobalt Corporate Finance LLP • Chris Jones/Kate Stone, Novalia • John Higgins, Intellect Who should attend? Users, suppliers, developers and researchers working with plastic electronics. Why should I attend? This conference aims to provide attendees with intelligence about this emerging market and how to engage with banks and private equities. For more information, or to book a place, contact Charlie Field on 020 7331 2188 or email