Plastic Electronics Conference

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Plastic Electronics 2015 conference and exhibition has always been and in fact is today a unique place where the conventional electronics industry has the opportunity to meet with the new and rapidly emerging flexible and large-area electronics one. This year the conference theme is around 'Enabling Internet of Everything'.

In fact, there is an intense discussion around this topic and a lot of enthusiasm from different perspectives and from multiple industry players of the supply chain as well as from the global research and technology innovation community.

The business associated with megatrends (e.g. IoT, Wearable Electronics, Trillion Sensors) and the emergence of smarter, thinner, wearable or even implantable plastic electronic devices is projected to expand very rapidly in the consumer market sector, as well as in other markets, such as healthcare, automotive, home and industrial.

Among the main drivers that make Plastic Electronics (PE) an enabler of the Internet of Everything, PE allows to effectively integrate smart systems into everyday objects, and to match well the industry needs in terms of multi-functionality and cost-structure of new products.

Hybrid, or heterogeneous, integration technologies offer the opportunity, already NOW, to develop new products and compelling applications by combining the computational power and the miniaturization of silicon integrated circuits, with other functionalities, such as printed, flexible or large-area sensors, energy harvesting from any source, optical devices, conformable and wearable electronics and many others.

The PE2015 conference and exhibition will address all the topics above, from materials and technology breakthrough, to manufacturing innovation and selected business cases across the relevant industrial sectors concerned by the plastic electronics revolution.