Control of Noise, Signal Integrity & EMI in High Speed Circuits & PCBs

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When time-varying (AC) signals travel in the transmission lines of a PC board, state changing electric and magnetic fields are present. Left unconstrained, these fields are the energy source for Noise, EMI and Signal Integrity issues.

We classically define ‘Noise’ as ‘Intentional Energy’ which we fail to control and contain.Unharnessed energy can, and will, generate many forms of interference.What this statement fails to address is ‘Why’ this happens… why are some circuits noisy, while others are not?

Compounding the problem are today’s extremely fast ICs.Output edge rate (rise/fall time) of devices, more than the rate at which they are clocked, is a leading factor with regard to SI, EMI and Noise issues in PC Boards.A circuit with 200 ps rise time devices can generate serious problems whether clocked at 2 MHz, 200 MHz or 2 GHz.

Having the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of critical design issues in specific technology areas can be rare. This workshop provides easy access to practical design solutions delivered by experts proven to be successful in their field.

Knowing how to design circuit boards to contain and control energy (fields) and knowing how to mitigate and control the effects of high speed devices is the key to successful design of low noise circuits.This 2-day workshop is a crisp focus of the issues PCB Designers and Engineers need to know to prevent signal integrity, EMI, crosstalk and grounding problems in high speed digital and mixed signal designs.

"Control of Noise, Signal Integrity & EMI in High Speed Circuits & PCBs" will be held at:-

•DeVere Venues Theobalds Park, Lieutenant Ellis Way, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.

•Tuesday, 01st December 2015 (2 days)

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