Will the 3310 revive Nokia’s fortunes?

Nokia was once the leading mobile phone company. It innovated and turned the mobile phone from something which made and received calls and texts into the smartphone with which we are familiar today.
Yet when Apple launched the iPhone, it failed to respond. Then Android appeared and Nokia disappeared.

But the Nokia name is back in the mobile phone market, with the relaunch of the 3310 by HMD Global. The phone is lighter than the beloved ‘brick’ and comes with a 2Mpixel camera and a colour display. But it still runs Snake; probably the first game supported by a mobile phone.

Will the relaunch of the 3310 – alongside three Android based smartphones – see Nokia’s fortunes revived? One of its challenges will be to develop a phone which is perceived as different to the other devices in the market.

The 3310 is a good way to get the Nokia name back in front of the public; now the hard works starts.