Nokia forms partnership with Microsoft

Nokia has announced plans to form a 'broad strategic partnership' with Microsoft. The deal would see Nokia use the Windows phone operating system for its smartphones. The announcement follows a memo earlier this week in which Nokia's chief executive Stephen Elop, pictured, warned that the company was in crisis. The deal is being established as pressure grows from other smartphone platforms such as Google's Android and Apple's iPhone.

Mark Seemann, chief technology officer for Outsourcery, Microsoft's UK launch partner for unified communications, said: "From a business perspective, both Microsoft and Nokia have been historically strong but their market shares have weakened lately. RIM's BlackBerry devices have seen continued success within the business market, Apple and Google's market share continues to grow and Microsoft's excellent new Windows Phone should bring them back into the game. "For Nokia to compete they are going to need to dramatically up their game and they can only achieve this with a monumental change to their organisation. Elop's message to his staff was a public recognition of this fact."