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What goes around, comes around

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They say what goes around, comes around. If you wait for long enough, the trendy 1980s clothes at the back of the wardrobe will come back into fashion. The only problem is whether they will still fit. But the concept doesn't normally apply to the technology world. Once something becomes yesterday's technology – and, with mobile phones, that can be a matter of a few months – it tends to remain firmly in the past.

Or does it? Step forward the boom box. For those long enough in the tooth to remember them, these suitcase sized shoulder mounted devices were once the portable music player du jour. But they weren't popular with everyone. The staff of one technology magazine I used to work for had an earnest discussion about the feasibility of developing a device that could demagnetise tape heads at long range or similarly scramble the electronics. But, strangely enough, the boom box may be making a reappearance. One such device – the Mix Digital Boombox for iPhone and iPod – has won an Innovation Award at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. According to the press release, the device 'brings the house down'. The release continues 'Pumping anthems from specially engineered tweeters and mid range drivers, this sound system delivers towering volume and perfect clarity from the heart of every party. The XdB bass enhanced 5.25in side firing subwoofer packs a heavy punch, pumping thunderous bass to shake the foundations'. And to think that the sound emanating from MP3 headphones is considered intrusive …