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The biggest cybersecurity worries in 2024

1 min read

It might be that time of year but experts at NordVPN have predicted the cybersecurity risks that could be awaiting us in the new year.

Based on research into the dark web forum, to find out what were the most discussed topics, their top predictions based on what hackers were talking about makes interesting, if disturbing, reading.

Firstly, leaked nudes from OnlyFans, Instagram, and other content-sharing platforms are expected to increase while AI or deepfake technology will be increasingly used to create fake nudes to trick users.

Hacked ChatGPT accounts and tutorials on using AI for attacks are very popular amongst hackers and they are now learning how to use AI to increase the capacity of their work and make their job easier, quicker, and more effective.

It also looks like the number of amateur hackers will be growing, with every tenth post on the forum wanting to learn how to execute some kind of attack. It also appears that more and more hackers are sharing their knowledge.

NordVPN also found that selling customer data, such as social media credentials, driver licenses, addresses, emails, and other bits of personal information is likely to increase, while biometric authentication won’t be the answer. Hackers have already learned how to bypass some biometric authentication methods, such as the selfie verification that some crypto platforms use.

Not a great way to finish 2023, but forewarned is certainly forearmed!