Report identifies EV and autonomous vehicle software challenges

1 min read

A global survey of automotive technology professionals, conducted by Perforce Software, has found on-going concerns with software safety, security, and quality as well as the need to address compliance issues.

The survey found that automotive software developers’ top three concerns focused on safety (43%), security (22%), and quality (21%) and for those concerned with safety, 40% said their biggest worry was compliance with safe coding standards, such as MISRA.

According to Perforce, 88% use a coding standard to ensure safe, secure, and reliable code - with 86% using MISRA and AUTOSAR. In addition, 39% are using a static code analysis tool to aid in compliance and 44% use a SAST tool to ensure secure software.

Perforce said that with more software being added to vehicles development teams are leveraging game development technology for product testing (34%), digital twins (29%), and prototyping (19%).

As a consequence, it appears that game development technologies are now set to become an essential driver in the automotive space as teams look to reduce development costs.

You can download a copy of the report using the link below.