Driving industrial energy efficiency key to meeting Net Zero targets – Make UK

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At a time when governments are backtracking on their Net Zero targets a timely piece of research conducted by Make UK shows that manufacturers, hit by soaring gas and electricity prices, are embracing energy-efficient practices and technologies to save money and boost productivity while at the same time moving towards their Net Zero targets.

In its new report ‘Driving Industrial Energy Efficiencies’, Make UK found that Net Zero is a priority for 92% of businesses and 68% have already made investments to start on that journey.

With the surge in energy costs seen in the past few years manufacturers have had to operate with significantly reduced margins, making introducing energy efficiency projects an attractive proposition.

According to the report, companies have been taking a two-pronged approach from low-cost, low effort measures to more costly investments which deliver equipment and process upgrades.

According to Faye Skelton, Head of Policy at Make UK, while UK manufacturers have made significant steps to cut carbon emissions the Government needs to commit to introducing a National Advisory Energy Service, similar to the model of Made Smarter, which helps SMEs digitalise their production processes.

The Government could provide much greater help in terms of business relief on green plant machinery and equipment and building improvements, according to the report.

Sustainability makes good business sense, so will the UK Government use the upcoming Autumn Statement to help companies transition to Net Zero through energy efficiency measures?