Digital transformation momentum to continue

1 min read

A survey of 750 UK business leaders, conducted by Studio Graphene, has found that the pandemic has affected long-term digital transformation plans with UK businesses set to increase IT spending and hiring in the year ahead.

The research found that the majority (54%) plan to continue digital innovation projects even once the pandemic subsides and since the pandemic hit, 56% of companies have successfully adopted one or more new technologies. Some 45% of businesses plan to hire new IT staff in the coming 12 months, while 53% plan to invest more heavily in digital skills training for existing staff.

The research did, however, show that a quarter of UK business leaders plan to reverse their company’s technology priorities in the coming year, with 27% planning to cut back the amount spent on technology post-pandemic. In fact 30% were worried that their organisation would revert to old ways of working.

Ritam Gandhi, founder and director of Studio Graphene, said: “Our research shows that, on the whole, UK businesses have adopted a long-term mind-set where technology and innovation are concerned and many of the digital transformation journeys kicked off in 2020 look set to continue for many more months or years.”

While the findings are, in the main, positive it is surprising and somewhat depressing to see that so many business leaders are concerned that their companies will revert to old habits. Surely, as Gandhi concluded, “Now is the time to double down and ensure digital transformation remains a key priority within their organisation.”