Smart Connectors and Smart Ecosystem

Explore where and how our Smart Connectors may offer value and give you with advantages. Secure integration into your devices or system environment allows you to increase your connectivity options for energy management, process visualisation, asset management, maintenance control, and much more.

Smart electronic solutions are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to react to user behaviour, analyse data, and act independently according to user preferences.
For example, a hospital with 200 devices monitoring patients can have 250 devices, which can be costly due to initial investment and maintenance costs. To make medical equipment smarter, standardized IEC device plugs can be replaced with smart connectors that record consumption data and send it to a protected cloud for analysis. This provides hospital management with clear information about the number of devices needed and used, potentially leading to significant savings.

Smart connectors can be installed in any electrical or electronic device that requires an IEC 60320 connector, making them a popular choice for large hospitals. Cloud-based applications and data can be accessed from virtually any device with an internet connection, offering the best security and data protection. The type and number of applications for which smart device connectors can provide real added value are virtually unlimited.

Process visualization can be used to present complexity as simply as possible, enabling optimized processes and workflows. Preventive maintenance ensures high productivity and availability of a system, while energy management systems show how much energy a company or production system consumes and the continuous ways to reduce it. Remote maintenance involves administering systems spatially separated from the user.

SCHURTER Smart Ecosystem

The Smart Ecosystem combines smart hardware components with the SCHURTER Cloud. By using the Smart Connectors, you can easily and securely connect your devices to the cloud and make them IoT-enabled.

Smart Connectors are configured using the Android or iOS Smart App to connect to a Wi-Fi access point. They then connect to the SCHURTER Cloud via MQTT. The Smart Connectors are managed with the Smart Dashboard Web App.

Customer devices communicate with the Smart Connectors via a serial interface or digital inputs and outputs.

The Smart API provides all the endpoints required to integrate a custom cloud into the SCHURTER Cloud.

However, custom apps should not be integrated directly via the Smart API, but via a custom API, as the SCHURTER Cloud knows nothing about the customer's users and the Smart API only allows server-to-server authentication with API keys.

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