SIL4 COTS Rail Platforms Extend from Large Junctions to Compact Onboard Applications

SMART Embedded Computing’s ControlSafe™ Platforms use a common safety architecture to provide a cost-effective SIL4 COTS solution for rail signaling and train control applications ranging from large wayside junctions or stations to compact carborne environments.

SMART Embedded Computing SIL4 Certified ControlSafe™ Platforms

Fail-safe, fault-tolerant computing system for train control and rail signaling accelerates time-to-market for rail application developers

SMART Embedded Computing’s ControlSafe portfolio consists of four fail-safe and fault-tolerant computing platforms designed for a wide range of train control and rail signaling applications, such as automatic train protection (ATP), automatic train operation (ATO), and positive train control (PTC):

ControlSafe Platform

The original SIL4 COTS platform consists of two redundant ControlSafe computers, each of which delivers fail-safe operation and together provide a highly available platform.

ControlSafe Expansion Box Platform

A larger chassis that can accommodate up to 10 expansion IOU modules, each 2-6 times larger than other ControlSafe I/O modules, ideal for large, or multi-station wayside applications.

ControlSafe™ Carborne Platform

Housed in a compact 4U chassis with front access I/O and a DC power supply, the ControlSafe™ Carborne Platform can accommodate up to 12 I/O modules and a variety of I/O types.

ControlSafe Compact Carborne Platform

The smallest ControlSafe platform, comprising two redundant ControlSafe Carborne Computer modules in a half-rack-width chassis, with a single, front access IOU module slot, such that two chassis can be installed side-by-side in a standard 19-inch rack, making it ideal for standalone safety processing or remote IOU control.

All ControlSafe™ platforms leverage the same safety architecture and technologies to provide a cost-effective solution common base platform to enable a variety of applications through the integration of SMART EC IOU modules. In addition, SMART EC offers customers the flexibility to develop IOU modules and specify I/O backplane connectivity to meet their specific needs by providing all necessary technical specifications, product support and service. This innovative data lock step architecture also allows customers to make seamless technology upgrades while a hardware-based voting mechanism allows for application software transparency.

Three of the platforms are certified to Safety Integrity Level Four (SIL4) by TÜV SÜD, one of the most trusted certification bodies worldwide, while certification of the ControlSafe Compact Carborne Platform is pending.